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  • Prince posted an update 1 day, 16 hours ago

    How do I post a complaint against a new company?

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  • Alexander posted an update 4 days, 19 hours ago

    Once again, I find myself on a complains platform to let everyone know what a MISCARRIAGE OF SERVICE DELIVERY I’ve received from none other than Adidas South Africa.
    Firstly, you take my money and confirm order (14th June 2019). I repeat, CONFIRM my order. I then follow up twice to re-affirm my order and double check that the goods are in s…[Read more]

  • Alexander became a registered member 4 days, 19 hours ago

  • Johan posted an update in the group Group logo of Digital Drawing RoomDigital Drawing Room 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    I briefed them on a project. The proposal was a bait-and-switch. Service which was discussed as part of the quotation was afterwards indicated in my proposal as a sponsorship and done as “favors”. They are very overpriced for the generic work they delivered. The service and communication was poor, except when payments were due. The feedback was…[Read more]

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