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    I’m a very unhappy and dissatisfied customer. I placed an order for a bed on the 26th of November 2018. I Phoned the online customer number to try and escalate the delivery date of the bed from the 18th of December 2018 to the 30th of November 2018. I had a reference number issued to me RM151776 on the 27th of November. I have made about 15 calls to the online customer number. in this process I received one call back from Carra. To advise that she is still busy with my enquiry. I have back all my calls with emails. All I receive is a standard confirmation of my call. Today, the 11th of December I spoke with Estelle. She says on the system it shows possible delivery for the 7th of January. I then escalated the call, spoke with Tarryn (team leader), she advised that they might possibly get stock at their distribution centre on Friday the 14th December, that would still need to be QC’d. No definite confirmation. No…[Read more]

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    Your service is PATHETIC!

    I’ve been trying to get hold of the Melrose Arch Store for THREE ENTIRE DAYS now and nobody seems to work there.

    I ordered 6 Kat Dining chairs, which were delivered last thursday. 2 of them were uneven/wobbling and I made a note on the delivery slip that they need to be replaced. Now, a week later I’ve still not heard a…[Read more]

    • @home has indicated that they have been in contact with you

      • I’m still waiting for one of the replacement chairs as they brought 4 on thursday, 3 of which wobbled… I asked them to organize with the Manager as soon as they got back to the branch. But it seems instructions go in the one ear and out the other… So here I am… Still waiting for a resolution to this matter.

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