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    I am sick and tired of MTN refusing to give a letter on an “apparently” resolved issue. I called the on the 7 of september to cancel a fraud account that was in my name, i have called and called and called and yet no one is willing to assist me the whole company is not willing to assist me all I need is a letter confirming the issue has been…[Read more]

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  • Nabeela posted an update in the group Group logo of MTNMTN 1 year, 3 months ago

    Dear MTN (Must stand for: Most Terrible Network)

    I am so tired of calling your customer care and complaining and complaining to every new agent that always refuses to hand me to the person I spoke to before. The TLs I speak to all avoid me. Am I really that annoying?

    I am waiting for you to resolve my issue that occurred in September 2017 and…[Read more]

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    I went to the mtn shop in the grove mall to get a contract for two devices. I’ve been there before and got my device immediately. Now there’s a waiting period. To top it all there’s no cellphone reception in equestria where I live. I just need the devices so that I can swop the simcard and that’s what I’m waiting for now. ****** service from MTN…[Read more]

  • Where we stay we do not have access to any Telkom infrastructure, and were forced to make use of 3G products. We happily paid the over inflated 3G prices, seeing that the quality of service was quite acceptable. […]

  • I have a Blackberry 8520 Curve and it’s been in for repair 3 times already and every time i get it back it’s worst then the previous time, it freezes up to 6 times in 1 hour and the cover is coming loose from the screen it’s making a bubble, i don’t want it fixed […]

    • As of the 1st April 2011 the new consumer protection act comes into effect which may help you in this case. I suggest you read the DTI’s explanation of the “Consumer Protection Act” here.

    • Thank you so much i didn’t even know about DTI untill you told me now. I’ve printed it out and will take it back to MTN tomorrow hopefully I will sort something out with them, i’m tired of always struggling, when i bought the phone Cash they didn’t have a problem taking my money so why must i have a problem getting it replaced. Thank you so much…[Read more]

  • Last week on the 16th of March 2011 the MTNSP website, there was an option where you could order a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a 500mb data bundle, on a 24 month contract, for R49 per month. The R49 per month appeared on all the order pages and the check out “basket” and it also […]

    • MTN has disclosed to Pants On Fire that they will not respond to customers on this public platform. This does not mean that your complaint will not be effective or resolved via other channels. The complaint will remain on Pants On Fire up until the issue is resolved.

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