• Brunley posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Beware that Fresh Start Law Centre are on-line fraudsters who claim they can get your police clearance certificates and other related services “legal”. I have paid them but they have not done anything over a year later. It appears many people have been scammed by them, as SAPS are familiar with them when I went to report them. According to the SA Law Society, Fresh Start is an illegal business and have advised to report them to the SAPS Commercial Crime Unit. I just came across this critical information to late. I’m a victim of this deceitful company – They took my money and I’m struggling to get it back. They are completely unprofessional and don’t return of call you back. I have asked for a refund because NO service of anything was done for me. I paid them erroneously based on emails received and the promise they can help me. To my dismay and discovery their are doing this to many South africans. Please have a look at Hello peters website. There is unsatisfactory reviews about this company. Please help me and many South Africans to avoid being a victim of these crooks.

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