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  • bryancasson posted an update in the group Group logo of NeotelNeotel 11 years, 5 months ago

    Neotel ref #250232 continued…. We got a call from Neotel today with regards to the cancellation request we put through on the 18th Jan 2011. There answer: Sorry we cannot cancel without penalties due to the fact that “Your address has changed”. My dispute is that when I moved I have a full signal test at the new premises by “Fabian” before we moved. I called them and had the test done to make sure we had great signal in the new house. Fabian (one of the nice guys at Neotel) came and did the test and reported that the signal was perfect and that the speed was good. We moved in to the new house and things were fine for the first few months, the signal was great and the speed was decent. Then l about 3 months ago things started to head south. The signal still has 5 bars but the speed has been far below 400kbps for most of the days. You can see all my speed tests here. Neotel informed me more than 2 months ago that someone from Pointing was going to come install an antenna. Someone from Pointing did indeed call but no-one ever arrived. We have had extremely poor service from Neotel for the past 3 months and still no manager has ever called me even though I have requested this more than 8 times. In my opinion the Neotel call centre is not working. Now I am trying to cancel the contract due to lack of service but they have informed me that there will be penalties. So now I am sitting and paying for a service that is more seldom down than it is up.