• Chad posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Expert Surveillance and Investigations (PTY) Ltd, Rodney and Janine van Rensburg

    Before writing this review I informed Rodney and Janine van Rensburg of my intent in writing this review. And as per usual I got no response from them.

    After battling for more than a year and a half try to get the money, R 18200 I paid Janine van Rensburg for work which needed to be done. I eventually got a response from Rodney van Rensburg. In no certain terms Rodney acknowledged that they do indeed owe me the money for the work they were supposed to have done. It was agreed that I should have my attorney draft a debt agreement up and Rodney would sign the said agreement. On 14 September 2018 I received the signed agreement from Rodney. In short Rodney agreed to pay 4 equal payment of R 4550 starting from October 2018 and ending January 2019. For the first 2 months Rodney did adhere to the agreement and did pay R 9100. December 2018 came and Rodney was back to his old ways of spinning multiple stories. January 2019 was the same thing. More stories and even more vulgar language from him. The month of March 2019 has just started and still Rodney has not fulfilled our agreement. I’ve been called a p… and c… by this man. I would urge anyone looking for a private investigator NOT to use Rodney or Janine van Rensburg. Do not believe the online reviews you read about these people.

    Anyone reading this review is more than welcome to email me at: and I will send you all the nasty and vulgar messages from Rodney van Rensburg and even the signed debt agreement.

    They are scammers and thieves.

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