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    MSC Cruise complaint – MSC Musica 10-14 Dec – Booking number 029457736
    This is where my complaint starts.
    I have been patient throughout this experience and have followed up consistently – MSC Customer service just does not exist.
    – On checking with Fumani, she advised that the Turtle beach experience had cancelled. Her email to me dated 7 Dec 2018 didn’t state which of my two experiences had cancelled. So I had to phone in. She then tells me that she had been phoning me. I never received any calls and my phone log can prove it. She knew I was holding to speak to her and that I would be upset. I was met with attitude telling me that my number was wrong. I have checked my booking and have booked excursions online as well. My contact number is correct. Eventually I asked to speak to a manager. Also no alternatives were offered for the cancelled excursion.
    – While waiting for a “manager” to contact me I looked up your website contact information for your head office – the head office number shown online was wrong, also there is no platform to log any complaints directly with MSC. Surely you train people on customer service based on client interactions?
    – I eventually get through to the H/O receptionist Odette. She was the only one that tried to truly help me resolve this matter. She got a manager to contact me – Johnathan Govender.
    o I am not convinced he is in fact a manager
    – On speaking with Johnathan Govender, he advised on the refund process which I was not happy about. I mentioned to him of my experience with Fumani and that no alternative was offered. This would help avoid any refunds to be made and help a customer feel that even tough an excursion cancelled and it was out of their control, at least MSC cares by offering an alternative solution. This would be such an easy thing to do for MSC and this would help improve the customer experience by not ruining it completely. Customer Service – back to basics.
    o Why is it that you expect payment immediately but refunds take between 10-15 working days?
    o I asked Johnathan to keep me informed on this refund process. He advised that he’ll speed things up for me as my departure date was 10 Dec. He advised that I would have received my refund by that Tuesday – I never received anything nor did he ever contact me again.
    – I followed up again on the 20th Dec 2018 on my refund several times that day in fact, and was advised that someone would contact me by 5pm.
    o Tonderai eventually phoned me. She explained to me the refund process yet again and on asking her when I can expect my refund, she said: 26th Dec but to be on the safe side 27th.
    – Today is the 27th December. I have not received my refund. I followed up again and eventually Kagiso in Finance answered his phone. That was the final straw. My patience ran out. Having heard a man answer the phoned sounding disinterred and fast asleep. I advised him that I would not repeat my story again and that he should speak to Tonderai about my refund.
    o I phoned the receptionist back to advise her that I’ve asked Tonderai to contact me and that I would now be sending my official complaint through via social media.

    The only thing we enjoyed about our cruise holiday after spending so much money was the one remaining excursion that had not been cancelled – the Quad biking on Pomone. I guess it was more because we were off the ship.
    This was my partner’s first experience cruising – she told me that it was also her last. I planned a beautiful holiday to Mozambique where we didn’t need to drive – just enjoy each moment. Relax.
    Unfortunately the below list ruined the experience completely.
    Our cruise experience complaint list:
    – Long queues and slow service while boarding – everyone in the queue was complaining about this.
    – Save your money MSC – just play lively music though a sound system. The one man band grated my remaining nerve.
    – We found my partners’ unattended luggage standing in the middle of a passage – we just happen to pass it while exploring the ship.
    – Being harassed to buy drinks packages after boarding the ship by staff.
    – Never-ending queues and total chaos.
    – Visiting the customer desk repeatedly during the cruise and being given conflicting information.
    – Connecting to the Wifi package was a nightmare – however the blond lady that assisted us was the only friendly face there and successfully resolved the connection problem.
    – People were sick for the first 2 days of the cruise including a friend of mine and my partner.
    – All excursions cancelled for the first day – suddenly a ship full of angry ppl with nothing to do
    – Passengers getting sick in public area and agro staff dotted the landscape.
    – Pungent stench in the passages of sewerage, urine and stale air was nauseating.
    – The toilet in our cabin on the last night of the cruise – stopped working. However after phoning help desk this was resolved.
    Expected result – I want my refund immediately.
    Went through a range of emotions – anger being the biggest one. This cruise was a gift to my partner. This was her first and last cruise. The experience has been shocking. You spend so much money on a holiday that is meant to be magical – cherished memories….
    The number of ppl that used Self Assist to get off the ship – spoke volumes. Everyone we spoke to while waiting to exit the ship had the same complaints. How many will actually voice their complaints we don’t know.
    Hear my voice.
    I have advised everyone that I had spoken to with regards to this matter – that the way in which they resolve this issue will determine the severity of my complaint. My patience has run out.
    I have shared my experience with so many people, friends and family already.
    I was warned about MSC, but I didn’t listen. The optimist in me had said “surely it’s not that bad, I’ve cruised before”.
    I personally have cruised with Royal Caribbean before, such an amazing experience. I expected the same from MSC, but after my experience would not recommend MSC cruises.
    Again expected outcome – I want my refund immediately.
    Awaiting your soonest reply in the matter.

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