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  • Leon Schultz posted an update in the group Group logo of ACER South AfricaACER South Africa 11 years, 3 months ago

    A few months ago I bought my wife a Acer Aspire AO533, and then 2 weeks later another one for my sister. I was so impressed by your product that I bought another one for myself. 3 months down the line the battery only charges to about 65%. I first thought this was the Netbook itself, but I tested the battery in 2 other Netbooks and it does exactly the same. I went to Acer in Sunninghill today. They need to ‘analyze’ the Netbook and I have to hand in the whole computer. This will take 2 to 7 days. I was not allowed to hand in the battery by itself. Why do they need to analyze the notebook if the battery does the same on 2 other computers.

    My computer and my car is my office as I am on the road 24-7. Will the Acer Warrentee cover my loss of income for 7 days?

    I tried to explain that I know that the BATTERY is faulty, but that fell on DEAF EARS. I have to hand in the whole laptop…..’if a car runs out of petrol do you check if there is something wrong with the tyres???’

    I have always had Toshiba Notebooks and was recommended to buy an Acer by a friend – ‘maybe I should stop being friends with people that give BAD advice’