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  • Duane posted an update in the group Group logo of VodacomVodacom 11 years ago

    No Vodacom; it looks like CellC is right with their marketing campaign…

    More than a month ago (maybe even two) I reported a network problem that I can’t make calls, although I have full signal. The error that I’m getting is “Emergency calls only”. After taking my Sim out and putting it back its back to normal (full signal AND i can make calls). I’m not the only one in our area so you can’t blame me or my phone. I’ve even bought a new phone as the phone I got from Vodacom was also jinxed. I received a sms to inform me that Vodacom will get back to me. To date, NOTHING!!

    Second thing, I was always able to connect on 3G. This then went down to HSDPA (I think that’s what it’s called?). This was reported about a week to two weeks ago, NOTHING! From this weekend, GPRS! GPRS!!!

    Today I tried calling as I’ve had it with the “no feedback” attitude and bad (or no) Network. Then humour finally came home… I dialled 111 and I got an error message that stated “No answer”… Maybe that’s why I’m not getting any feedback or a fix as Vodacom is clearly not in…

    I tried calling Vodacom Headoffice and was informed by the Switch Board that their 082 numbers have a Technical error. This is scary, even Vodacom Headoffice is suffering under their networks…

    • Good Day

      Your query is currently in hand with our Social Media Team. They have requested that you provide us with more information in order to address your concerns.

      Kind regards
      Rashieda Jattiem

    • Seems the same thing is starting to happen to me. My phone keeps telling me to insert Sim, if I restart everything is fine for a while only to be bombed out during a call and asked to insert sim again