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  • Gabriel posted an update in the group Group logo of VodacomVodacom 9 years, 9 months ago

    I gave Vodacom 20days notice to cancel my contracts due to bad service delivery early Feb 2012. Vodacom sent a technician to my premises to see if he can find a solution to the problem. This was about 3-4 weeks after my 1st complaint. The technician phoned me back about 2 days later informing me that there was a problem on their towers and he cant give me a dote when it will be fixed, I then asked that all 3 of my contracts be cancelled. The technician said he will send the information through to the cancelations department. I later that day received a call from a Sharon Wolf in the customer care centre informing me that the contracts will be cancelled!

    That same day I received yet another call from someone at Vodacom saying they will only cancel my contracts when I return the devices. I told her it won’t be any problem for me to do so, but they will have to pay me what I paid for the devices up to date +-R12 000.00 – She said she will take it up with management. (If I was billed for a laptop and BB separate from 3G, calls etc then it means I’m paying it off)

    I was then phoned back and told it is not going to happen. I said someone more senior must contact me, someone that has the authority to negotiate a deal with me. About 2 days later i was contacted by a Mr. Bo who informed me that the devices are the property of Vodacom and it must be returned so they can cancel my contracts, after a lengthy argument with me he said the devices are actually “free” so they can’t pay me for it – I argued back by saying if its “free” then its my property – and if it was free, why was i billed for it???? No deal was struck and no one phoned me after that.

    About a month after this, I phoned up Vodacom accounts department and informed them that if they are not going to cancel my contracts, I am going to cancel the debt order with my bank. My lines were immediately frozen, I did manage to cancel one of my contracts and that was ported to CellC.

    I recently received a bill from Vodacom for about R19 000.00 which I REFUSE to pay. Even after my warnings to them they kept billing me and is now holding me liable for a service I couldn’t use. I’ve now been handed over to their legal department, They are in the process of getting me Black Listed. This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love to hear from someone in Vodacom that can assist me. I have e-mail proof of the facts and they have telephone recordings.

    Cancellation Ref: 00GT~T1L5
    Legal Dep. EC-Z9CW-2E5G5

    • Vodacom no longer responds here, they no longer care much about consumer complaints. Hundreds of complaints go unanswered every week. I hope people read these complaints before choosing services with such a company

    • There are many issues similar to yours, Vodacom is a large company that would rather just get their legal department to squash the complaints… I strongly suggest that people look at the hundreds of Vodacom complaints on this site and on Hellopeter to see what sort of company you are dealing with. I myself have been incorrectly billed due to their lying incompetent staff