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    This is the worst service that I have ever in my life received from a service provider!
    DO NOT USE THESE GUYS (RAM Couriers)! They will take your money and not care about what you paid for. I promise you.
    Below are common issues and problems that you will experience when using Ram Hand To Hand Couriers:
    RAM has MAJOR issues on their online system when making bookings. 80% of the time the system cannot pick up the suburb that you are trying to collect from or send to. It throws an error out saying that the suburb does not exist (This goes for well-known suburbs as well).
    Call center staff are rude and inexperienced, don’t have a clue what they are doing or talking about.
    The Contact page on their website does also not work or they just could not be bothered to reply to your query.
    For some unknown reason I can never get hold of a manager, management, or anybody in charge for that matter. NEVER EVER EVER! So don’t even try my friends, they do not exist…
    Parcels are NEVER collected or delivered on the specified turnaround times.
    Don’t even try calling the call center as your call will without a doubt be dropped and they don’t even have the decency in them to call you back.
    Let me give a short example of the las time I made a booking with RAM couriers. This one of 44 bookings that I have made so if you guys want more, please let me know. I booked a collection online for RAM to collect a parcel for me from Somerset West, I tried to put the suburb in and struggled for about half an hour to 45 minutes just for it to pick up a suburb nearby, yes that’s right, NEARBY. This was done on 22/11/2018 and this is the tracking information displayed on RAM’s website for this collection:

    Waybill Number*
    Waybill no Reference Date Movement
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-22 11:37:51 AM CONSIGNED IN RAM ONLINE CASH SALES ACCOUNT.
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-22 11:37:55 AM COLLECTION REQUESTED BY ROBIN CUPIDO (CAPE TOWN ).
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-23 10:59:19 AM COLLECTION ASSIGNED TO PIENAAR, JONNY (CF11JVGP).
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-23 01:35:32 PM COLLECTION NOT COLLECTED: Individual – Sender Not Available.
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-23 01:40:51 PM COLLECTION CANCELLED BY RECEPTION – unknown at the address.
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-26 01:31:43 PM COLLECTION NOT COLLECTED: COLLECTING 26.11.2018.
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-26 01:33:59 PM COLLECTION ASSIGNED TO PIENAAR, JONNY (CF11JVGP).
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-26 03:33:58 PM COLLECTION NOT COLLECTED: incorrectly assigned.
    RL000678310 RAM-WEBSITE_18112211 2018-11-26 04:54:32 PM COLLECTION NOT COLLECTED: Individual – Sender Not Available.

    Today is the 27/11/2018 and still no collection from RAM. On the waybill DELIVERY of the parcel should have been on 24/11/2018, I must emphasize this is delivery, not collection. This is just one of many instances where RAM does not uphold their side of providing the service that clients pay for and I have plenty of proof to show it.
    I called RAM’s call center and went through all the above mentioned, rude call center agents, calls dropping, management or supervisors not available etc. So I have given up at this point.
    I would not recommend using RAM for any reason whatsoever as their service is PATHETIC (understatement) and they do NOT care about their clients at all. And please in anybody runs into or gets hold of a manager at Ram Hand To Hand Couriers, PLEASE take a photo of this elusive creature… lol

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