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  • Gerhard posted an update in the group Group logo of NeotelNeotel 11 years, 5 months ago

    Morning, I would like to share my experience with People thinking about getting Neotel service in The Reeds, Centurion. I got the Neoflex data package more or less 12 months ago. In the beginning the speed was not bad, but I must admit just for the first few months. got slower and slower by the day. Beginning December I tried to contact Neotel helpdesk to resolve the issue but I struggled for a month phoning every now and then to get hold of the helpdesk. Every time, either the call dropped or I was put through back to the voice prompt. Eventually when I speak to a staff member they just say they will get back to me, of course which they don’t. Beggining of this year I really made a effort to get this resolved, but still no luck. They can’t fix remotely and want to send a technician. I am not available in the week, and I am not putting in leave. So at this stage they reckon if I want to cancel the pathetic service, I must pay R1300. I posted on Hello Peter as well, but didn’t really get response. Feel free to go and read the post. [edited by Admin – link broken]. So at this stage they trying to arrange somebody to come and see me over the weekend, but it is now Friday and no call yet. So I am not sitting around and keeping my weekends on hold for this bad service. I just want to cancel, so I dont sit with this pathetic service and Neotel got one unhappy customer lss to worry about. It will also relieve the congestion on the tower I am connecting to.

    Please see ping response and tell me this latency is acceptable

    Hope this will help me to get rid of this company for good.

    • I just agreed to pay the R1300 on my account. Getting rid of Neotel Services once and for all is worth the cash. In a perfect world Neotel would not charge this cancelation fee considering it is their fault but what can I say…. my guess is this company in going down rapidly so all ethics have flown out the window.