• Leo Tabone posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago BidorBuy / Bid or Buy:
    I have been waiting 179 days for my parcel to arrive, an item purchased from BidorBuy and prior the time of 30 days I contacted them for assistance and they told me to wait past the time of the 30 day buyer and seller protection program. I waited and waited, yet nothing arrived and I contacted them again 179 days later after the purchase of the item and asked BidorBuy for a refund please.

    I wrote: I’m contacting you again with regards to the purchased item / parcel that never arrived and require immediate refund please. Purchased date: 10th August 2018. Tracking number is false: RI247404683BG. Nothing Received in a 179 DAYS!!

    Item I purchased was: Vintage Militaria officer’s belt (Buy Now 358232802)
    Bought 10 Aug 18 19:52. Price Paid R300.00 + the Shipping I also had to pay.
    Purhcase was from: Tanko Tankov in Bulgaria. Order Number: 14595163. Total paid: R399 ZAR. Tracking Number: RI247404683BG.

    BidorBuy Customer Support Tsholofelo Mokwena was on the line to assist me but he refused to help as he cannot do anything and was unwilling to contact the heads of BidorBuy, he simply following his job and powerless to help me but BidorBuy as a whole company failed me, and he could not put me through to someone else who can make special arrangements under special circumstances to refund me.

    The tracking number stated that last year 2018 November it was in Transit from the JHB Mail Hub to where, no one knows! The point is I as a customer waited 179 days to this day today! And no parcel and already having contacted BidorBuy, following what they said to me.. I had all the reason in the World to ask and demand for my refund,

    Yet they proved to be absolutely USELESS to helping a long time loyal customer.
    BidorBuy has proven themselves to be the WORST selling and buying website imaginable!
    Plus in every search they allow companies, businesses to advertise their hundreds and thousands of listings of STUFF on categories that DO NOT BELONG in those Categories plus they have way to few, to little categories which is pathetic to be honest!

    You see BidorBuy: Completely USELESS!! No help what so ever!
    They couldn’t just see that after so long it’s no arrived and immediately process the refund for me!

    I am so disappointed in BidorBuy, so unreliable!
    So to EVERYONE in South Africa: DO NOT BUY from BidorBuy if the seller is from another Country Outside of South Africa which is a disgrace that allows this!!! Because those sellers will ship the parcel.. the parcel will most likely never arrive!

    And then BidorBuy will simply wash their hands off and tell you to go jump in a river and drown! And tell you they cannot assist you because it’s past 30 days of the purchase of the item!

    AND THEY TOLD ME ON CUSTOMER SUPPORT on the 28th day after purchase: Please wait for the parcel to arrive in South Africa, allow time for it to be scanned and if it doesn’t arrive or get delivered, please contact us and we will refund you.

    That is basically what BidorBuy told me!
    So they have waisted R399 ZAR of my money for nothing! So be careful of ever trusting BidorBuy people.

    Here is the entire conversation of BidorBuy:

    Your Question: BidorBuy I’m contacting you again with regards to the purchased item / parcel that never arrived and require immediate refund please. Purchased date: 10th August 2018. Tracking number is false: RI247404683BG. Nothing Received in a 179 DAYS!!
    Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

    You are now chatting with Tsholofelo Mokwena (Customer support) – Customer Services

    – 12:50 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Good day Leo and how are you?
    – 12:51 Leo: Item I purchased was: Vintage Militaria officer’s belt (Buy Now 358232802)
    Bought 10 Aug 18 19:52. Price Paid R300.00 + the Shipping I also had to pay.
    – 12:52 Leo: Purhcase was from: Tanko Tankov in Bulgaria.
    – 12:52 Leo: Order Number: 14595163. Total paid: R399 ZAR
    – 12:53 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Thank you.
    – 12:54 Leo: Anyways so I have been waiting patiently for 179 days now.. and no parcel has ever arrived and nothing has ever been scanned, tracking number is false! I even called the JHB Mail Center HUB.. and I am just ja, I am done waiting for this parcel to arrive haha you can imagine my frustration with this.
    – 12:55 Leo: Please kindly process the refund for me Tsholofelo, at least with this support I don’t have to call BidorBuy right now.
    – 12:56 Tsholofelo Mokwena: The item is still at the customs. Do you have a ticket in this regard.
    – 12:56 Leo: No it isn’t at customs, I called customs.. it was registered but it’s gone missing!
    – 12:57 Leo: They said that if I haven’t received the item by now, then it’s either lost or it will never arrive either way
    – 12:57 Leo: I have been waiting for 179 days
    – 12:57 Leo: a Hundred and seventy Nine DAYS
    – 12:57 Tsholofelo Mokwena: What did the consultant said, because it shows that.
    – 12:58 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I will email the seller for further assistance.
    – 12:58 Leo: I am not waiting a second more, otherwise I will be phoning BidorBuy and record the conversations and post this on Hello Peter, PantsoFire, everywhere effective immediately.
    – 12:59 Leo: I expected more from BidorBuy
    – 12:59 Leo: Are you telling me that in a year’s time.. BidorBuy is going to still tell me it is at customs and still on it’s way?
    – 13:00 Tsholofelo Mokwena: The seller was paid for the item and the item is more than 30 days, therefore buyers protection cannot cover this.
    – 13:00 Leo: I expected the parcel to arrive within 3 to 4 weeks tops! As the seller told me.
    – 13:00 Leo: But I called BidorBuy and asked them for their help!
    – 13:00 Leo: 30 days prior the time and all they said was that I must wait.. now I waited!
    – 13:01 Tsholofelo Mokwena: When, and who did you speak to
    – 13:01 Leo: I can’t remember it was on this Support thing.
    – 13:02 Leo: It seems like there is nothing I can do but add this entire conversation and everything else, and post it EVERYWHERE including SA’s top complaints websites.
    – 13:02 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I will be happy to assist you.
    – 13:02 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I will contact the SAPO and find out where is your item.
    – 13:02 Leo: Will start doing this tight now. The owner or board of BidorBuy may want to address this..
    – 13:02 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Once feedback is provided I will revert back to you.
    – 13:03 Leo: Okay I’ll give you a chance at least you are willing to try and assist me, I am appreciative of that
    – 13:03 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Thank you.
    – 13:04 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I will email you back.
    – 13:09 Leo: I’ll wait here…
    – 13:09 Tsholofelo Mokwena: One moment please.
    – 13:09 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I am with the SAPO consultant now.
    – 13:12 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I am calling you now, so that you can speak to the SAPO consultant, however your phone goes to voice-mail.
    – 13:14 Tsholofelo Mokwena: The consultant advised that the item was in the truck to Pretiria however its been long therefore you can go to your local post office and fill the inquiry form.
    – 13:18 Leo: I understand but I do not trust or believe anything SAPO says because the last time like many times before, hard lessons learnt.. I waited 7 months for x4 parcels to arrive before I went to the JHB Mail HUB myself to get answers and no one helped me! Those parcels even after a years now are still missing! My mother lost 2 parcels, it’s been a few years now and the JHB mail center told us that they had a strike and burned a giant pile of parcels.. another parcel ended top taking 18 months before it surprisingly arrived from the States.
    – 13:20 Leo: So when someone tells me or you that “oh no the parcel is on the TRUCK!” it is nothing but a cheap lie! Because how can that person see on their system that it is on the truck.. here is a mathematical line for you… 179 days goes buy right, and you or I call SAPO on the 100th and 79th day (179 DAYS)
    – 13:20 Tsholofelo Mokwena: I understand how you feel, however please try to go to your Local Post Office and fill the inquiry form, as I cannot do it for you, maybe they will find your parcel.
    – 13:21 Leo: And on that moment when calling SAPO, they say: “It is on the truck” when it takes only 45 minutes or an hour for the truck to drive from the JHB Mail Center Customs to anywhere in Pretoria East to where the parcel needed to be delivered.
    – 13:21 Tsholofelo Mokwena:
    On your end, we cannot assist you further than this, as buyers protection does not cover item that are lost in transit.
    – 13:22 Tsholofelo Mokwena:
    Please try Leo the option from the post so that this matter can be resolved.
    – 13:22 Leo: One single Hour against 179 days. It’s all lies from SAPO and they are corrupted, underpaid and there is almost NO activity at the JHB Mail center with Aircraft containers laying everywhere with even people’s parcels laying out in the rain, the weather! They don’t care!
    – 13:23 Leo: But I will today post everything on HelloPeter and PantsOnFire Complaints of South Africa.
    – 13:23 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Noted.
    – 13:23 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Thank you.
    – 13:23 Tsholofelo Mokwena: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    – 13:23 Leo: Because BidorBuy could not take this up with someone else who can assist me, bend the rules, make special arrangements to do what is right.
    – 13:24 Leo: So the heads of BidorBuy can eat their hearts out.

    End of conversation.

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