• SAMANTHA BOTHA posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    I called telkom back in August last year wanting to change my phone line package to a “UNLIMITED FIXED LINE” Landline package for phone calls. I was given order number after order number by the sales department and invoiced wrong in the billing department, one department blaming the other for the package not being effective, to date I have roughly 30 order numbers and reference numbers. Everytime the one department sends me to the other neither willing to sort out the problem or take responsiblity, Every month resulting in major telephonic altercations when billing arrive still unchanged and invoiced to high, which every month results in credits passed to late for the current month!. Then 2 weeks ago suddenly the IT department became the next scapegoat, and I am told that it is IT that has not activated the package, TODAY I AGAIN PHONED FOR AN IT REFERENCE TO FIX IT WE ARE NOW IN MARCH 2019 – 7 MONTHS LATER- 26 MARCH 2019 -Ref 4280630 for IT desk, and dispute reference number 27678510 , yet I fail to understand how the billing department can pick up what the package is yet can still invoice me incorrectly. The number of reference numbers are unreal, no one is willing to go out their normal scope of work to help you, I have eventually now contacted my attorney and is loading onto every internet site I can find with my full story. I have 4 businesses and this problem relates to my home, I have similar problems on them too. I SERIOUSLY ADVICE EVERY HOME OWNER OR EVERY BUSINESS NOT TO DEAL WITH TELKOM, THEY ARE THE WORST SERVICE PROVIDER IN SOUTH AFRICA, BESIDES ESKOM. YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITH VOX TELECOM /RAIN. IF EVERYONE OUT THERE HAS AN ALTERNATIVE COMPANY FOR LANDLINE USE PLEASE SEND COMMENT ON THIS WITH THE REFERENCE SO THAT OTHERS CAN ALSO SEE. This has been the most stressful issue I have had to deal with in this country as even the department does not bother to reply back to emails send. Telkom call centre agents refuse to allow you to speak to managers and you left with no recourse and having to repeat your story which gets longer with every call, every time you phone. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOUR DO NOT USE TELKOM YOU WILL REGRET IT THE SAME WAY I DO ON A DAILY BASIS. Just the mere fact that they dont respond here on HELLOPETER.COM is enough proof to substantiate what I am saying about the horrific service delivery at Telkom. Now today with my calculations in hand showing I am actually in credit and their incorrect credits showing I owe them, they suspend my line, forcing me to pay in what I do not owe, and even though I have all the reference numbers and order numbers to proof these disputes, there is just no care in the world to help you, these call centre agents earn a salary and will only do what they are taught and will not think out the box. THIS IS OUR DESTINY IN SOUTH AFRICA WHERE A LACK OF SERVICE AND NO RECOURSE HAS EITHER LEFT YOU FUMING OR LEFT YOU LEAVING THE COUNTRY! I HAVE MADE IT MY PERSONAL MISSION TO REPORT TELKOM ON EVERY PLATFORM I CAN PUT MY HANDS ON – ONLINE …. OUT OF DESPERATION. To make matters even worse they closed the Telkom office on the KZN South Coast and if you want to see someone face to face you will have to travel 115km to the closest Telkom office to do so…. OH NO! Stay away.

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