• julie posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Dead Mature Trees @Earthsong Designs also known as @Genesis Environmental

    Dead Trees
    Mature tree bought and planted by @Earthsong Designs also known as @Genesis Environmental (Web Site ) the tree was selected by themselves for the situation when delivered by the team they explained that it had been dropped on its roots but wanted to give it a chance to recover with in a few months it was clearly dead, the next tree was delivered and planted in its place and immediately lost its all its leaves agin I was asked to give it a season to recover it is now dead and dry, @Bradleigh Skorpen has relayed that “he guarantees his trees for 6 months and therefore the guarantee on your tree has expired. (But) He can supply me with a new tree to replace the dead one for R7500 excluding VAT !!!

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