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  • Shaun Krugel posted an update in the group Group logo of ÀBSA Vehicle FinanceÀBSA Vehicle Finance 3 months ago

    Good Day

    After numerious emails to 7 addressees af ABSA and no response or solution of a problem we experience, we will now submit a complain on Hellopeter. We already contacted the onbudsman on Friday 19 June 2020 as we ard now fed up to struggle.

    We bought a Ford Ranger from CWL Baard Auto in Hopefield on 23 October 2018 and we were given a FREE body insurance policy as part of a promotion that was running. The dealer indicated that the premium for this is already included in our vehicle finance amount that will be deducted monthly and that we will pay nothing extra for this policy. Due to a misunderstanding between myself the client, CWL Baard Auto and ABSA, an additional amount of
    R 59.92 was deducted monthly with my vehicle finance amount for this policy.

    On 18 December 2018 we contacted ABSA the first time to find out why this additional amount of
    R 59.92 are added to my vehicle finance as this is a promotional product given to me free of charge and already included in my vehicle finance amount. Due to a misunderstanding between the operator (Minah Sambo) and myself, she proceed to cancelled the complete policy without saying it is cancelled and said someone will contact me to discuss. I understood that it will be investigated but until now nothing has been done except for an cancellation.

    On 17 December 2019 we wanted to make use of the policy and it was indicated that the policy was cancelled by ABSA in April 2019 already at CCV Body Maintenance Solutions and we were given a contact person (Jenny Ludick) who authorized the cancellation. According to CCV Body Maintenance Solutions the payments done from the cancellation of policy were paid back to ABSA.

    On 18 December 2019 we contacted ABSA a second time (Jenny Ludick) and we were given a screenshot of a call that was recorded where we apparently instructed the cancellation but we actually instructed that the cancellation of the additional amount of R 59.92 be cancelled and not the complete policy but the operator misunderstood and cancel the complete policy.

    With investigation into our monthly vehicle finance statements for the past months, we saw that the amount of R 59.92 is still being deducted together with the finance amount from my bank account as from April 2019 until this date.

    Please supply me with the following URGENT feedback:

    1. If the policy was cancelled, why am I still paying R 59.92 a month for a cancelled policy or a product that I cannot use.

    2. Where are the R 59.92 going that is still deducted as from April 2019. Must it not paid back to me as the policy is cancelled and not in use anymore. As from April 2019 to now an amount of
    R 838.88 was already paid for a cancelled policy.

    3. Why was the amount not cancelled but the policy is cancelled.

    I attached the following documents for your URGENT ACTION in cancelling the amount of R 59.92 that is going off for a cancelled policy.

    1. Body insurance policy BMS12635.

    2. Screen shot given by Jenny Ludick of the apparent cancellation by us dated 18/12/2018.

    3. My latest statement dated 31 May 2020 (indicated in red the amount that is still going off).

    According to me the amount that must be deducted from my bank account for my vehicle finance is as follows:

    Vehicle finance: R 4795.50
    Service Fee: R 60.00
    VAT: R 9.00

    Total to be Deducted: R 4864.50

    Currently an amount of R 4924.42 is being deducted. R 59.92 seems to be an minimal amount for ABSA but for me over a period of 6 years it is a big amount that somebody is taking for himself or being taken from me for a cancelled product.

    We are not fed up explaining and asking that this matter be solved and this is clearly theft.

    Please contact me on 0835105097 if there is any additional information you need from me.


    Shaun Krugel

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