• Marcel posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Cem Air and Travel Start : a bunch of incompetent staff and liars.

    Pathetic Service: Cem Air a big pathetic Joke and Travel start a bunch of useless employees.

    In my life I have never seen a worse Airline than Cem Air and a travel agency than Travel start.
    I have spoken to managers, to legal departments ( Monique Van der Bank, Zainab, Lindsay,Winique Knoetze,Miguel,Elroy,Marche) and not one members HAS SAID ANYTHING THAT WAS THE SAME EVERYONE SAYS SOMETHING ELSE.
    Let’s put the entire experience out there.
    I booked my ticket with travel start. Flight –Margate to JHB and JHB to Kimberley.
    Then Cem Air phones me and says that the flight was cancelled because they were grounded. A refund takes 6 to 8 Weeks?????????? How am I supposed to buy a new ticket without the refund money?
    Then Cem Air phones me again. No the flights are active again. Then two days before my flight now my flight from JHB to Kimberley has been grounded. The incompetent staff members Idea was to book me on an earlier flight leaving for Kimberley 2 hours before I even land in JHB.
    I had to buy a new ticket for R2400.
    So I requested my refund. Cem Air told me in particular Monique Van der Bank told me that they refund the money to Travel start and then travel start have to refund me. Travel start (Zainab) tells me that this isn’t so and that Cem air has to refund my money. Then according to the first person at Travel Start my refund should be in on the 30th of January. Then the second person tells me no the guy counted wrong (counted wrong???) it will only be in by the 7th of February. Then again I Phoned Miguel at travel start and he then says the refund was only paid out on the 11th of January it should of have shown in my account. Which it didn’t. Then I spoke to Zainab who send Cem Air an email with the details also telling Cem Air to stop telling clients that Travel start is refunding people.
    Then after a long email with everyone involved I receive an email requiring my bank statement and I am told that Cem Air will now refund me direct. Today I receive another email from Zainab at travel start who informs me I must please send my bank statement (which I have sent between 5 to 10 times) again and that the entire process has to start over again. So another 6 to 8 weeks???

    This is the worst Airline ever, the wort incompetent staff at both Travel start and Cem Air.
    I hope Cem Air never has one flight take of ever again.
    They lie, and they cheat you out of your money. Sending you back and forth hoping you would just stop trying. Well I will not. I will make sure that every possible site shows how bad you are.

    So please people rather wait a few hours or pay a little bit extra, but avoid Cem Air and Travel Start at all cost as they have no clue of what client service

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