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Resolution Centre

At Pants On Fire, our main objective is to get problems resolved which is why we do not charge a fee for a company to respond. We feel that all companies big and small have the right to respond to a complaint free of charge to protect their brand and express their side of the story.

Consumer Posts a Complaint or Issue

The process starts with a consumer posting a complaint in one of our company groups (they can add a new company if the company does not already exist in our database.)

Pants On Fire Contacts the Company

After the complaint is posted on POF a contact process starts. We will try to make contact via means of Twitter, Facebook, Call Centres and Email to the company you are complaining about.

Company Responds

Once the company is contacted they then have a choice to respond to the consumer for FREE. Response is made via the Pants On Fire website. A reply will be sent directly to the consumer without any delay.

Communication Between Parties

The two parties can then exchange their details via Private Messages. Once both parties are satisfied with the outcome a final “resolution” letter is sent to POF.

Problem Resolved

Both parties benefit from a resolved complaint. The company has all negative complaints removed from their portfolio and the consumer gets their issue resolved. It is a win win!